Saturday, March 8, 2014

Letter to my Husband

Dear J,
Today you:
asked about the twinsies' movement, 
cleaned up the entire kitchen, 
vacuumed and mopped all the floors, 
cleaned up the back patio and swept the driveway after our wild storm that made such a mess, 
straightened up the house in general,
supported me taking a cat nap,
picked up dinner for us, 
organized the office, 
brainstormed in the nursery with me and moved the heavy items around to my liking, 
encouraged me through my meltdown, 
and put together our minnie mouse swing/bouncer {which was complicated but is so cute!}. 
All with the best attitude ever. 
Have I told you how much I love you? 
You're gonna be the best daddy in the world.
I love being on your team.
Love, me

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