Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little Letters

Dear Steve,
     Happy birthday to the best stepdad ever. Can't wait for you to get to be a grandpa this year. Love you.

Dear mail lady,
     I appreciate you faithfully delivering our mail every day, but would you mind closing the box just a bit quieter? It never ceases to freak out my puppies and wake me from my work naps.

Dear cold/flu/bronchitis,
     Whatever you are, you are no longer welcome in my body. Can you please go away? I'm tired of sounding like a smoker, having zero energy, and missing things.

Dear Little A and Little B,
     I am so in love with you girls already!! Thank you for continuing to move around while I've been sick to reassure me you're doing just fine. Daddy and I are working on the perfect names for you both. We just can't wait to meet you!

Dear Michael W Smith,
     25 or some albums later, and you still know how to rock the house. Thanks for singing a few of hubby's favorites. He is most definitely your biggest fan.

Dear Sansom family,
     Thank you so much for the extra special delivery of our sweet homemade twins sign in our mail yesterday. You all mean so much to me and I can't wait for you to meet my girls so soon!

Dear Adrian,
     You are a little miracle. I love your little voice and your random phone calls. I can't believe you're gonna be four years old in just a couple months!

Dear messy clutter of my house,
     One day I'll clean you and organize you. Trust me, I'm not ignoring you. But goodness you take a lot of energy! Thanks for being gracious and providing a roof over our heads anyway.

Dear J,
     You work so. hard. I am so. proud. of. you. And I cannot. wait. to hang out on weekends again. Thanks for taking care of me even when you're tired and engaging in conversation when I ask you "what do you think about ..... for a name?" Can't wait to watch these girls steal your heart. Save some for me ;).

Dear Panera,
     Can I put you on daily delivery to my house? You make everything better, whether the day is hot or cold, sick or healthy, good or bad.

Dear Jesus,
     You are Enough. You are my strength and my song. You carry me, and you are protecting and growing these tiny angels day after day. Thank you for being everything.

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