Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rekindling Moments: July

July seriously flew by!! But many blessings came from these 31 days.

1 - bible study reunion dinner and laughter over Miguels white sauce
2 - a little pool time with C
3 - a good day's sleep
4 - fireworks from the bed of J's truck with blankets and pillows, Carly, J, and our four pups
5 - morning walk through Coronado with my sister
6 - encouragement from my Ali over Panera
7 - Coronado with our first married friends and favorite family, the Ritters
8 - Panera with Lindsey at work
9 - Target with Carly after a 14 hour night shift/meeting and buying a tanktop I already have... oops :)
10 - Mom's birthday! Cinnabons and Claim Jumper :) {and I got to sneak a visit to the Ritters in there too... Elle's first carousel ride... priceless!}
11 - chicken salad sandwiches with and made by my lovely sister, Chef Carly
12 - grace for the work night
13 - Get-healthy day: gym memberships, laying out, and J's first official homemade green smoothie (we think we may need to start a bit sweeter before going all-out-green!)
14 - Pat and Oscar's O's American Kitchen and frozen yogurt, and pictures in the living room with J
15 - back to the gym... thankful for the ability to exercise... and the strawberry banana smoothie I made afterward!
16 - new blooms outside
17 - helping one of our mommies hold her tiny twins together for the first time
18 - Chik Fil A and creme brulee while playing with Evie and chatting with Dwain and Jaclyn
19 - kicking off an ENTIRE weekend off with J with dinner and meaningful conversation with Jessi and Jeremiah
20 - great conversation with J about the sermon at church tonight after quesadillas with Chris and Katie {three nights in a row with friends - holla!}
21 - late night of mexican food with Sam, Valinda, Daryl and Valerie - they're here for a visit!
22 - photo shoots and crafting fun with Lindz
23 - giving Katie a hug as she started her first day of work on my unit... excited to work with her!
24 - starting and finishing a book.... can't remember the last time I did that in one day. Let alone, at all.
25 - walking through Balboa Park with my sweet sister in law, brother in law, and her fam, and then barbequin' it up at the McGovern's
26 - breakfast of champions and matching nail polish
27 - the peach valencia orange refresher I was craving that J brought me at 2200 to work!
28 - meeting my sweet preceptee
29 - laughing through report
30 - walking with Jaclyn around the beautiful Santee lakes and reaching 10,000 steps on my fitbit
31 - Panera and a good chat with Lindsey after sharing 'Letters from Juliette' at our First Touch meeting

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