Thursday, May 30, 2013

Italia: Day 2b - Florence

Welcome back to our sister European adventure through Italy.
We left off on the train from Venice to Florence.

The train ride on which we saw snow!
[turns out it is really difficult to get a picture out the train window!]

 We made it to Florence, and also past the snow. :)
We hopped off the train, debated walking to our b&b, took one look around to see a crazy sea of mismatched streets, and decided to catch a taxi. That ended up being a wise decision!
We made our way to our hotel and got checked in with Guiseppe -- he was awesome!!
He spent so much time with us, drawing out a map for us with all his favorite places, answering all of our questions, and passionate about everything he talked about. Guiseppe made the experience for us!
We stayed in La Diva room. It was pretty fun. And had the most pretty little outdoor area for us to sit at.

disregard that little 'second toilet.' but notice the rad towel warmer. it actually worked pretty well!

 After setting our stuff down, we headed over to a little chocolate shop,
which Guiseppe referred to as "the best chocolate in the world."
And it didn't disappoint. :)

really have the cutest sister in the world.

 Then came dinnertime. Enter dinner fiasco #2. :)
Guiseppe recommended 4-5 restaurants for dinner. Which didn't look that far away from each other on the map. So of course, I suggest we walk by all of them, look at the menus, and decide which looks the best and go there. Carly, on the other hand, suggests picking one and going there since it was getting later.
Well, we did it my way.
We should have done it her way.
We embarked on what felt like the sketchiest part of our trip, as we watched the city shut down as it got dark. As I turned us the wrong direction a few too many times and we ended up far from where we should have been. I think we must have walked a couple miles total. And we ended up back where we started. 
Needless to say, we weren't too happy.
But we managed to enjoy a romantic meal just the two of us anyways. :)

[this was taken in the daylight the next day but this is the restaurant we went to]
[we ordered much less food this time. at least we learned one lesson :)]

Our first night in Florence was a little rough, but overall we ended up really liking the city.
And we liked our company. :)

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