Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rekindling Moments: January

For the new year, I have decided to highlight a special/significant moment for every day.
Originally inspired by a friend, I believe this is such an important practice for everyone.
{This could get a little tricky, since I work nights and sometimes can't tell what day it is... but I will try}.
You try, too!

1 - planning our upcoming trip to Maui and dreaming about our next business venture over hot dogs and trader joes garlic fries with J
2 - sweatpants on clearance, a medium iced tea latte, and beginning a new study with the Lord
3 - 36 degrees waiting for me outside of work in the morning and getting an awesome deal on our hawaii hotel
4 - visiting one-week-old baby Joey and watching his mommy and daddy lovingly work together to be parents.
5 - being off work for an entire weekend with J and taking an afternoon nap
6 - waking up early on Sunday for homemade cinnamon rolls, and arming up and treking into Walmart with J and our list of items for our little business in hand... and coming away with little treasures. #walmartisstillcrazy
7 - dreaming of Italy travels with Carly on side-by-side treadmills
8 - amazon boxes piled at my door 
(mostly for our business but I did find a curling iron and good book hidden in there!)
9 - making Italy dreams a reality by booking plane tickets for our March sister voyage
10 - watching Carly get excited with me about Italy and make us a tentative itinerary
11 - meals with special people: celebratory coffee after applying for passports with mom and sister, heartfelt conversation over lunch with Jessi and lots of laughter over dinner with Dwain, Jaclyn, and baby Evie
12 - being kidnapped by my husband to go for coffee
13 - six hours of uninterrupted daytime sleep
14 - J home in time to share pizza with him before I headed off to work
15 - celebrating Steve's birthday the Irish way
16 - having time at work to snuggle little ones who needed snuggling
17 - getting off work in the morning knowing I am off for a week, and celebrating by having sister dye my hair {don't worry -- i managed to pick the exact same color as my hair color so you can't tell at all}
18 - breakthroughs with the Lord through psalm 123 and acts 3
19 - puppy pile in the backseat of the car on the way home from a cousin lake walk and a kind walmart returns employee after deciding to postpone the business for a bit
20 - hearing my grandma tell me with confidence that she trusts the Lord
21 - watching emma, baker, and ava run in circles around a communal bush
22 - heartfelt prayer time with the Lord for my children
23 - baby snuggles with Joey and Evie
24 - threat of rain and a few [sparse] raindrops on my windshield
25 - a surprise work cancel on a rainy friday night
26 - celebrating five years of marriage with my husband
27 - much needed lazy day home together with a week of vacation ahead of us
28 - a clean clean refrigerator and a clean clean house... ready for vacation!
29 - arriving in beautiful Maui and turning one vacation into three
30 - sunny day on the water with my love ... 
lying out, pool chats, ice cream cones galore, and barefoot beach walks
31 - Maui reunion with one of the most influential people in my life, my high school dteam leader Amy and her husband Brandon who married us

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