Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just me

Coffee shakes... ice cream... frozen yogurt... frappuccinos... these things make me smile in a huge way.
I talk about being organized. I have a degree in organization. But I'm actually not that organized. But maybe I'm more organized than I think I am. [I have a dilemma with organization.]
I want to like to read so much. But I've only made it through one whole book in the last year.
Listening to music soothes my soul. Especially music with lyrics that speak Truth.
I love adventures. New cities, new songs, new routes, new friends, new ideas. Every change and piece of newness becomes a story to tell later. 
I wish I was a snuggler. But I'm really not. But I do like hugs. A lot.
I have a dream of a perfectly crafted home filled with peace and love and beauty. 
I can't wait to be a mom. Well, maybe I can. But I am sure excited for it. 
I'm terrified of what to do if I have a boy. I love baby boys. But once they turn 3 or 4... what do I do? Thankfully, they grow just one day at a time.
Coffee dates and tea parties make my heart full. 
One on one time is my very favorite. 
I never get tired of hanging out with my sister. She is just the funnest ever.
I didn't know I was such a dog person until I got Emma. That little black canine won my heart so fast. And her little counterpart won my heart too.
There is a constant battle in my head to paint every wall a different color and unique theme, and to have a uniformly themed "adult" home.
I wish I could craft all day long. And come up with crafts on my own instead of pinterest. But I sure love pinterest for ideas. :)
I love how much my husband loves our family. He's gonna be a great dad.
I really love kraft macaroni and cheese. And bean and cheese burritos. I'm a kid at heart stomach.
I've always had categorized friends. Church friends, nursing friends, work friends, nurse friends, college friends, married friends. I rarely mix them for fear of anyone feeling left out or uncomfortable.
I really like calendars. And lists. But half the time, I forget to put things on the calendar. And I lose my list.
Sharpies are the cats pajamas.
I make up phrases/words a lot. Not on purpose. I say it how I think it is supposed to be said, but it usually turns out to be a little off. 
The word "condone" makes me cringe. It sounds so angry. But it's a compliment? Too confusing for me. I've'd that bad boy more times than I can count.
J describes me as the most dependently independent person he's ever known. I tend to agree.
Wintergreen tictacs make me feel like I'm 10 all over again. Those little light green friends are sure hard to find these days.
Target? Every single item in every single aisle? Be still my beating heart. I swear they market RIGHT TO ME.
I love fall. I love changing colors and falling leaves and cool weather and clouds and rain. Mostly rain. :)
I'm constantly learning. Always trying to grow. Frequently humbled. And awed by my Savior's grace He bestows on me daily.

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