Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mini Moments

hot dogs and ice cream cones at the ballpark
heartfelt conversation with a good friend
blackout curtains installed {hello sleep-by-day-work-by-night lifestyle!}
spontaneous email from my Greek bestie
looking through old pictures
freshly painted nails
laying my eyes on my coffee bean giftcard
baker's facial expressions after puppy summer cuts part two
air conditioning in 95 degree weather
cheery yellow flowers in a vase on my counter
Luigi's sweet little chirp
a glimpse of Ali's baby bump
full glass of iced mango lemonade
running through sprinklers with J, em and bakes
my toes in our soft new carpet
J's kiss and "you're beautiful" before leaving for work
Ava's excited love-my-auntie licks
$54 shoes on sale for $11 + 15% off + $10 coupon = free shoes
spontaneous evening dinner and hangout with my family
remembering fall is coming soon {cool mornings, pumpkin cupcakes, and color changes}
family time on the bed

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