Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He is Risen

Sunday was Easter.
Sunday I celebrated the birth of my faith in Jesus Christ, the Living God.

To celebrate the day, we went to church

followed by a coffee date, just J and me, and then home to pick up the pups for our Easter extravaganza!

followed by fun with my family at Easter brunch
[hello honeybaked {scrumptious} ham!]
My mom and sister dyed eggs and Carly wrote some amazing little egg messages for me. :)
The puppies enjoyed their time with their auntie.
I enjoyed my tea time with mom.
The boys enjoyed touring J's new truck.

followed by Easter dinner at J's parents'... yay for turkey and stuffing! mmm
Emma enjoyed burying and unburying her ball[s].
We chatted with J's grandmas and filled in everyone on anything new in the life of J&J.

And, of course, we took family photos. 
The handheld-on-the-old-iphone kind.
[J's grandmas made my day in this photo]

I am so thankful for our family. We really do have the best family.
We are so blessed to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior together with family who celebrates with us. 
Jesus Is Alive!

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