Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy birthday to Me!

Back on August 8th, I turned 25.

It was a three-day celebration, and it was oh-so-fun.
Sunday (the 7th), I went to my cousin's birthday lunch [family tradition on mom's side].
I love spending time with my family,
and my mom made it special by making me a beautiful and amazingly yummy fruit pizza for my birthday!

J and I met up with his parents and grandmas for dinner at Claim Jumper.
I love it there... the atmosphere, the memories, and of course, the yummy food. hugest menu ever!
We had a really special time together.
Reason #400 why I love J: he orders dessert with me :-)
gift highlights: a cricut cartridge, cute 3-day jacket, worship album, and giftcards to target, nordstrom, and road runner sports

To close out the evening, we had an amazing last-minute late night heart-to-heart with our 
neighbors/pastor/friends over Papa Johns and Starbucks.

I took my birthday off [!!] and spent the cool Monday morning with
my mom and sister at the cutest breakfast place in La Jolla.
breakfast + amazing company + clouds + beach front view + birthdays = perfect
gift highlights: fun scrapbook stuff, makeup, hair flower clip, and a cute dress
we happened to stumble across some sea lions basking on the rocks with thousands of birds :)
a little shopping
love taking pictures with you both! we look like triplets :)
Thanks, mom and C, for a special start to my day. 

J was able to take the afternoon off, so we headed to Coronado for ice cream and a little time at the beach.
[our first trip together to the beach all summer, aren't we lame? not anymore though! :)]
ps: I woulda taken a picture of our ice cream,
but half of it melted on my hands by the time we got to a place where I could get the camera out ;)
crossing the bridge... I love San Diego.

We headed to Road Runner to spend my gift card afterwards :) Thanks J&K!

We finished out the day with dinner at old faithful with the fam.
gift highlight: some fun 3-day gear and thoughtful cards
My sister gave me the sweetest made-me-cry card
and the cutest jacket ever. I'm ready for cloudy days!
and, the most thoughtful blog post ever.

I love my family.
Thanks for making my birthday so special, sweet family.

We arrived home after dinner to a special birthday surprise from my neighbor and great friend.
some amazing music and starbucks.
thank you, Jen. you are so incredibly thoughtful.

Last but not least, a few special treats from my favorite. 
a few highlights: scrapbook scissors, black and white paper, envelope stencils, the cutest cricut cartridge, a pedometer, 
CD, and fun new iphone case. oh, and peanut m&ms, of course ;)
babe, it was perfect. thank you for seeing into my soul and showing me love in these special items.
as well as in other ways. i love you. wholly, deeply, truly.

{btw, I'm not the present hoarder I look like... we just like to give lots of small items :)}

Tuesday evening, we took dinner with the Js to M, K, and E
It was so special to spend time with special friends and little Elle.

Afterward, the J Mcs continued on for some fro yo. my FAVE.
{i adore jessi}
thanks for being such genuine friends who can share in our joys, trials, and of course, birthdays.
and thank you for my beautiful candle holder. the yummy fresh linen smell warms our home.
we love you.

It was such a special start to my 25th year. Thank you friends and family for making it so meaningful.
And for loving me the way that I am.
I'm excited for what this year holds. I think it's gonna be my best yet. :)

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