Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spotlight: Emma

I have the cutest pets in the world. Seriously Emma is the sweetest 9 month old puppy ever and Luigi is the funniest little cockatiel! But this post is for today's moments with Emma. Last week Emma had to go to the vet for an ear infection, so today we went back to make sure it was better. You should see this little girl in the vet. EVERYONE thinks she's just the cutest. And she sits on the bench basically ON my lap while we're waiting to go back (sorta sad because she's nervous, but also very sweet). Then afterwards (she's healthy!) I took her to Petsmart to get a new leash (she has chewed her old one). She just sat in the leash aisle with me and waited while I took 20 minutes to try different ones on her collar to pick "the perfect one." (Still not sure if I picked the right one, but it was the best deal). She actually sat and took a bone from the cash register lady who offered it to her. And she drank water out of a Starbucks cup in the car. Now she's sleeping soundly on my bed while I type. I am convinced animals add so much to life. It's a gain you don't understand until you have your own. Then you think, how could I go back to no pets? They bring joy to life. Thank you Lord for moments with Emma.

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